Fleur II Mala


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This prayer bead necklace is lovingly handcrafted - knot-by-knot - near the banks of the Holy Ganga River. This unique Mala is made of Turquoise beads which have been prized for thousands of years as a symbol of wisdom. The Turquoise beads are associated with the fifth chakra Vishuddha, calms the mind and good for empowerment.  The Rose Quartz is associated with the fourth chakra Anahata, it opens the heart to love on every level.  


*Features 108 Turquoise beads and Rose Quartz with silver. 


Embodying chic serenity, this understated beauty will effortlessly blend into your everyday style. A single strand or layers of multiple malas add boho polish to relaxed looks, from flowing maxi dresses to basic tees.